Rolling with the Changes

Hi, everyone!

Wow… what a year 2017 has shaped up to be so far! It seems every day has brought with it something new, something different. 2017 is a time for new beginnings, new directions, new challenges for each of us to face and overcome. We began the new year with a new President in the White House (whether that’s good, bad, or indifferent, I will leave that choice up to you!). Suffice it to say, there are a number of changes to which we’ll need to adapt in order to move forward, and you can be sure that this trend will continue in the days and months ahead.

On the home front, there have been some changes as well. Most notably, due to long-standing circumstances beyond our control, we had to uproot the school and move to a brand-new location. It’s been a struggle — finding the right place to call home, packing up all the equipment and mats, the seemingly-endless painting and construction, the water leaks that kept us from putting the mats down (ugh!)… if it wasn’t one thing, it was another. While we’re not quite at 100% completion yet (AC is being worked on, and mirrors will be installed soon! YAY!), we’re at least up and running, and finally able to get back to the business of building champions.

Change isn’t all bad, though. We have been blessed with a few new students along the way, which is awesome — we are always glad to welcome new folks into the Undaunted family, to teach them how to overcome difficulties and reach their very best potential. We’re all about making a difference, and inspiring positive changes in ourselves, in our students, and in our community.

In spite of the many changes that have taken place, we want you to know that some things will NEVER change at Undaunted ATA…

First is our commitment to you, our students; we will continue to do our best to make sure that you receive the best quality of instruction possible, day in and day out.

The second thing that will never change is the gratitude we have, every single day, for our Undaunted family — you guys and gals are incredible, and we are so honored and humbled that you have stuck with us through the rough patches. Thank you so very much!!

Third is the immense pride that we have in seeing all of your accomplishments, both in and out of the dojang. In particular, we want to acknowledge our esteemed Team Undaunted competitors — from the many who took part in our first-ever Class “C” tournament last month, to the hardworking few who represented the school so well and brought home medals this past weekend at ATA District Championships. Special congratulations go out to our new 2017 State and District Champions: Mr. Dax Howland, Ms. Guadelupe Gonzalez, and Mr. Charles Record. We’ll definitely be rooting on the sidelines for those of you going on to World Expo and Tournament of Champions next month in Little Rock.

Looking forward to seeing you fine people in class very soon — Stay Undaunted!!